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The disability sector is at a disadvantage overall, and moreso, the autistic sector. Access to services entrenched in the constitution as a basic human right  is lacking in many areas of individuals lives especially in the schooling and development sector. Autism Connect Learning Centre was birthed from the notion that access to skills development is an inherent human right for all individuals on the spectrum. 

The learning centre promises to be a hub for autistic individuals in the adolescent phase of their lives and will boast activities that will stimulate psychosocial, sensory, gross and fine motor skills, employment and job readiness coaching. Interventions for each learner will be individual specific and tailored to suit the individual’s developmental need.

We have secured a 10 000m² piece of land from the City of Cape Town in Mitchells Plain. This land will be utilised to build an early learning autistic centre as well as a skills and support centre division for teens and young adults exiting the schooling system. In order for us to secure the land and start the build up of our magnificent centre, we need your help. 

We are thus launching our fundraising project to assist us in being able to make this dream a reality and provide access to the community. 

Help us reach our goal of R500 000 by the end of June 2024. 

By simply donating R100, and sharing this post so that 5000 other individuals also donate, we can realise our dream, your dream, my dream and the dream of our kids.

Remember – We are, AND they are, because YOU are.

Our Progress thus far


Your support isn’t just a donation; it’s an investment in the power of positive change. Together, we are building bridges, creating opportunities, and making lasting impact. Join us on this incredible journey of empowerment. Your generosity fuels the engine of progress. Every rand counts, and every act of kindness propels us closer to a brighter tomorrow.

Celebrating 10 years!!

Oh, what a night! We celebrated our 10th Anniversary on 28 January 2023 at the Rocklands Civic Centre in Mitchells Plain. Good food, good music and great company were all the ingredients needed to make this a spectacular celebration! Check out the gallery below for a peek into the night’s happenings.






Making Headlines


Our Future Centre

We are delighted to announce that we will soon be starting construction of our brand-new Centre on the C/O Wespoort and Loganberry streets in Westridge, Mitchell’s Plain. This journey has been most rewarding indeed as it affirms that patience and perseverance pays off. We are most grateful and appreciative of the City of Cape Town in partnering with us on this journey.

The new centre will be a state-of-the-art facility and will encompass technology and visual aids. This will be further enhanced by creative and innovative classroom design, safe and secure play areas. We will also be able to increase our learner numbers to at least 100, which will be able to accommodate many more children from the area and beyond. We will also be onboarding specialist skills such as language and speech therapist, occupational therapist, psychologist and other practitioners. We will also create sessional rooms for these specialists at our facility to be able to in a convenient and timely manner consult with our learners and parents. The centre will have facilitation rooms to conduct training and workshops, not only for our own staff, but also to other autism centres that need upskilling and development. It is our dream that our future centre will become a facility of excellence and innovation in inclusive education. We envisage the inclusion of a skills development centre for our young adults on the ASD spectrum to further enrich their skills and experience. We will partner with companies and institutions to create, not only skills, but also real job opportunities. As with all plans nothing is possible without the generosity of parents, partners, and companies to donate and sponsor us in building our centre. We appeal to those willing and able to support the construction of our centre to please donate or fund. Your support will be most appreciated.


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