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Our Story

Autism Connect finds its roots in a normal family home in Stallion Way, Westridge, Mitchell’s Plain in 2013. A young and healthy Tyler was only 8 years old and in need of special needs education, having been diagnosed with autism a few years earlier. As a mother Nicolette Ripepi was desperate to give her son the education he deserved, but was frustrated with red tape and bureaucracy. She set out on a journey to not only change Tyler’s future but those of many other children. This journey of discovery and exploration led to the birth of Autism Connect.

Confident in her belief that Tyler would get some form of education and support, Nicolette transformed her own house into a learning centre. This was truly like the birthing process of a butterfly. Nicolette, confident in her mission and purpose, created the foundations for what is today known as Autism Connect Learning Centre.

Autism Connect has grown in leaps and bounds and has become one of the most sought-after centres for children with ASD. Many children who are young adults now have passed through its doors and the collection of photos and videos accumulated over the years bears testimony to the many smiling and happy faces that were part of the Autism Connect family.

My Story

When my son, Tyler, was diagnosed with autism spectrum condition (ASC) back in 2007 at the tender age of 2 years old, we were naturally devastated by the news, yet we trusted that the good Lord would guide us on this journey into the most daunting adventure!

Our experience was made a bit more challenging when it was discovered that Tyler’s condition needed much more high and intense intervention. This needed private intervention to enable acceptance into established special care institutions and state run, autistic schools. Travelling and private tuition costs soon mounted with seemingly little improvement in his development. This was draining and disheartening – having lived in the communities all my life, having been subjected to impoverished conditions and its effects on people living on the Cape Flats. My thoughts went with the reality of my situation and its potential effects on the families with similar or more severe challenges. Fuelled by the desire to actively make a difference in my own child’s life and those in the surrounding community, that birthed the existence of Autism Connect.

Thank you, Nicky


Dear Nicolette, I'm struggling to find the correct words to thank you and the staff at AC. I have never seen Uzair so eager and happy to go to school on a daily basis. I had peace of mind for the first time knowing that you guys would care for him like his your own. All of the best for the future. Lots of love.
Shiyaam, Nieyaas and Uzair
Thank you so much Autism Connect! I am in tears for how happy Noah-Riley is with his present. May God bless you guys! Happy Holidays and Stay Safe ❤️❤️❤️
Lisa Minnaar
Hi Nicolette. A very big thank you to you for having Aasiyah as part of the AC family. I am grateful for everything she has accomplished in this one year. She has really grown so much with the help of you and your staff. Hope you will continue to be part of Aasiyahs life after she continues her journey.❤️
Teachers are passionate about seeing their students succeed. They are so great about sharing moments of pride they see within your child – their good behaviour and achievements; and they know the importance of getting the parents involved should an issue arise, and do it in a very respectful, approachable manner.
Shaun Van Der Schyff
Thank you Autism Connect. Hubby and I are eternally grateful for all you guys have done for aasiyah and playing a major roll in all her achievements the past year. I am heartbroken to say today was her last day and she will be continuing her journey at a new school that she was accepted at. We only got the news yesterday of her acceptance🥰. We will definitely not be strangers after this. I have most teachers number so I will continue to share her progress with everyone. We want to thank Teressa and Michaela for their great work done with her❤️💜.
Noorinisha Parker
My daughter joined in Jan 2022 and the amount of progress that we have seen in the last few months has been astounding. Autism Connect allows her to be herself and be free. She is excited each and everyday that she goes to school. We cannot thank Nicolette and her team enough for the support and progress that we have seen in Zarrah.
Zaib Ebrahim
My experience with Autism Connect is more than words can describe. I am a very happy parent who's been with autism connect for a long time. I've taken my son to many other centers ..this is the best for Jude by far! I'm so thankful for all the work and Love that all the people at autism connect gives to my son and us as a family. A happy child makes things so much easier as a parent and for our family life. ❤ Thank you Autism Connect ! Thank you again Nicky and staff 🙏🏼❤️You are like family to us..the Nash family appreciates everything you are doing for Jude💙
Lee Ann Nash
Dear AC family, it's Inako Shosha's mom. I thank Nicky 1st for letting my son to be part of your school regardless of being that far. I battled a lot with transportation but was fighting for my son to be at school. Thank you Ursula you were the 1st teacher for him . He enjoyed being in your class. Thank you Anthea for being super teacher and parent as well. My son was always happy to be going to school. This year he had been leaving the house at 5:00am and be all over the show collecting staff with driver until he reaches uncle Glen at 6:30 in M/P. I always hear that even though he wakes up that early, he is still giving love to his peers and teachers and able to say sorry if he does wrong. We are around, will keep in touch with teachers. I know I couldn't attend many activities due to distance but you were always in my thoughts. I'm also hoping that even in New school he will be happy . Thank you AUTISM CONNECT - MAY YOU CONTINUE OPENING FOR MORE CHILDREN WHO SEEK EDUCATION. HE ASKED IF HE IS GOING TO TAKE HIS TEACHER WITH TO NEW SCHOOL.,that shows he had so much bond with you AC. Merry Xmas n happy New year to you all🎊🎉🌸