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Autism Connect Skills Centre

Autism Connect Skills Centre assists adolescents with Autism in their development.

Autism Connect Skills Centre offers assistance and advocacy to young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their families, aiming to create robust communities and empower individuals to lead fulfilling lives. Our vision is to establish a benchmark for exceptional person-centered services by emphasizing structure, innovation, teamwork, and a profound respect for the individuals we support. Collaboratively, we aspire to shape and cultivate inclusive communities where individuals with ASD can fully engage and make meaningful contributions as valued members.

We aspire to ensure that the Autism Connect Skills Centre Programme maintains consistency in providing structure, fostering independence, facilitating skills development, and undergoes regular evaluation. We are committed to making necessary adjustments and, when appropriate, expanding the program’s offerings. In recent years, parents whose children received support from the Autism Connect Learning Centre began expressing the need for services tailored to their transitioning young adults with autism.

Simultaneously, although the Autism Connect Learning Centre had well-established, high-quality programs for younger individuals with ASD, we had not yet developed specific programming tailored to adults on the autism spectrum. This, coupled with the fact that Nicolette Ripepi, the founder of the learning centre, was motivated by her son’s journey, which had inspired the creation of the centre many years ago, drove her to initiate the expansion of our services to cater to the needs of the autistic community. Our initial vision was to create a program that addresses the unique skill gaps and behavioural challenges that often hinder adults with autism from succeeding in programs designed for individuals with other developmental disabilities. These challenges also obstruct them from achieving their highest potential in terms of success and independence. We recognized that the same fundamental areas that had been the focal point of their education during their earlier years – social interaction, language development, and emotion/behavioral management – should remain the core focus of this new program. This, combined with unwavering passion, dedication, and motivation, would ultimately lead to greater satisfaction and fulfillment among our clients.

Aims and objectives of the Centre

The Autism Connect Skills Centre program is designed for young adults who have completed their formal education and find themselves at home without access to suitable support structures. Families seeking a place where their young adults can acquire skills in independence, social interaction, behavior management, and confidence will benefit from this initiative.

The program will focus on delivering small group instruction tailored to adolescents and young adults within the age range of 16 to 25 who have been diagnosed with autism. Participants in this program should be capable of engaging in 15-minute sessions and have completed their formal education.

Aged between 16 to 25

Been diagnosed with autism

Can engage in 15 min group work

Exit the formal schooling system

At Autism Connect Skills Centre, our core mission is to empower young adults with autism to develop the essential skills necessary for a fulfilling and successful life within their work, community, and home environments. Our program is designed to offer comprehensive instruction across various settings, focusing on fostering independence, enhancing social interactions, and promoting emotional self-regulation.

• Autism Connect Skills Centre operates as a transition program, intentionally designed to impart a spectrum of skills. These encompass specific proficiencies like job-related and social skills, as well as broader competencies such as reducing reliance on prompts, improving social fluency, and enhancing self-regulation – all of which are significant predictors of overall success.

• Autism Connect Skills Centre actively fosters independence among its clients. We provide steadfast support and guidance to empower individuals to assume greater responsibility for their own activities, advocate for their needs, and navigate their daily routines with a heightened sense of self-reliance. Our instructional approach gradually shifts from one-on-one assistance toward engaging clients in small group and independent activities. This methodology equips them with the capacity to respond with decreased reliance on external prompts and to recognize when they may benefit from seeking assistance.

Our clientele, much like their neurotypical peers of the same age, are considered young adults. They have transitioned from childhood into this unique phase of life, encountering both the prospects and difficulties that come with it. As adults, they deserve the autonomy to make decisions, access employment and recreational choices aligned with their preferences, and acquire the skills to thrive while taking into account the distinctive aspects of autism.

Our team members possess exceptional expertise in providing support to these young adults with autism. They approach their role as partners rather than instructors and students, fostering an environment characterized by mutual respect. This approach allows for collaborative growth and development as our staff members work alongside these individuals on their journey toward success and independence.