Autism Connect

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Why Autism Connect?

Autism Connect is a Specialised Early Learning Centre for learners with Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC). A.S.C is a neurological condition whereby learners face challenges such as communicative delay, social interaction as well as sensory processing. We are based in Mitchell’s Plain, Cape Town, South Africa.

We educate

Our interventions are child specific, focusing on early learning development. Our focus is on developing the child to that school readiness state.

We support

We keep you in touch with the latest developments within the Autism fraternity as well as inspire, aspire and motivate you to enhance the quality of life for your child and your family!

We guide

Developing relationships and facilitating workshops aimed at the learners, their friends and family.

Services Offered


Respite Care

Venue hire

Therapy Room hire

When my son, Tyler, was diagnosed with autism spectrum condition (ASC) back in 2007 at the tender age of 2 years old, we were naturally devastated by the news, yet we trusted that the good Lord would guide us on this journey into the most daunting adventure!